Welcome to High Holiday services at Chabad of Austin!

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Our services are led in English, and are refreshingly casual and easy to follow. The prayers and songs are recited in both English and Hebrew and all are active participants in the service.

At Chabad of Austin, everyone feels at home and welcome. No labels. No differences. Chabad is a home for every kind of Jew. So join us for the most inspiring and meaningful High Holiday services.

Location: Services and events will be held at the central Chabad location, at 3500 Hyridge Drive (unless otherwise noted).

Service Description: Services are inspiring, intimate, warm, engaging, user-friendly.We bridge authentic tradition with contemporary experience and modern life. All Jewish backgrounds are warmly  welcome.

Chabad of Austin's open door, inclusive spirit, and community outreach is entirely made possible through the generous friends and supporters across the community. There is no charge for services.

During the High Holiday season, it is customary to give charity in the merit of having a good year, and in the memory of loved ones. If you are in a position to help, please consider a High Holiday gift to help this continue, stronger and greater!Thank you!

RSVP is required for all services and events. See the schedule below, and RSVP by clicking here.

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ROSH HASHANA- year 2022

Chabad of Austin Campus


Light Holiday Candles 7:06 pm 

8:00 pm - Rosh Hashanah Services

8:45pm - Community Dinner


10:00 am - Rosh Hashana Morning Services

12:00pm - Kid's program (1 hour)

12:30pm - Shofar blowing (timing is approx)

5:30 pm - Shofar at the Pond at Arboretum Duck Pond.

8:00pm - Evening Services

8:22 pm - Light Candles after this time


10:00 am - Rosh Hashana Morning Services

12:00pm - Kid's program (1 hour)

12:30pm - Shofar blowing (timing is approx)

4:00 pm - Shofar Blowing (15 minutes)



Chabad of Austin Campus


7:15pm – Kol Nidrei Service


10:00am - Morning Service

12:00pm - Children's program

12:00pm - Yizkor memorial for those who have passed

5:30 pm - Afternoon Service and Neila, followed by Shofar sounding

7:47 pm - Maariv and Break-fast

RSVP is required for all services, please click here.

To order a Lulav and Etrog Set, please click here.

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