The Dilemma: Six-Week course on Tuesdays, that had started back January 9th

Apply mind-bending Talmudic reasoning to solve real-life modern dilemmas. Can you confiscate a drone that's spying on you? Can you grab back your iPhone from a suspected thief? How should autonomous car manufacturers prioritize life in dangerous crashes? Prepare for a mental expedition to mind-wrestle with situations that force us to choose between two reasonable truths.

We completed the first 2 classes, but you can join for the other 4 classes! (Each is stand-alone.)

When: Tuesdays, January 23 - Feb 13 | 7:30pm

Tues Jan 9 - No Good Deed Unpunished
Tues, Jan 16 - Taking the Law into Your Own Hands 
Tues, Jan 23 - The Found Object 
Tues, Jan 30 - Liability for Proximate Cause 
Tues, Feb 6 - More Equal than Others 
Tues, Feb 13 - Accomplice to the Inevitable 

Where: Chabad of Austin, 3500 Hyridge

Instructor: Rabbi Levi Levertov


January 30th, 2024 7:30 PM
3500 Hyridge Dr 
Austin, TX
United States