Chabad’s  weekly Shabbat Minyan is friendly and perfectly-paced for a truly uplifting atmosphere. You are invited to join our Kiddush and Shabbat lunch!

Services take place at the Chabad Campus at 3500 Hyridge Drive Austin TX, 78759. 

Shabbat Friday night Services:

Kaballat Shabbat services 8:30pm,  Services change per sundown, check before coming

Shabbat (Saturday) Mornings Services Schedule:

10:00am Services 

Followed by Torah Reading, Mussaf, and a Kiddush.

Kiddush Sponsorships availbale, please contact us here


For Last days of Passover:

Sunday 4/28, 8:30 pm

Monday 4/29, 10:00am

Monday Night, 8:30

Tuesday 4/30, 10:00 am

Mincha 7:00 pm - followed by Seudat Moshiach Farbrengen meal in shul.



We gather many other times to pray with a Minyan (Rosh Chodesh etc.). If you need to say Kaddish; please let us know in advance so we can try to gather a Minyan. 

For High Holiday services please click here

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