Due to COVID Shabbat services take place outside, with masks and social distancing 12-1:00pm.

The Service is currently not held at our location due to construction. Locations change.

If you plan on attending please send an email to us at  

In normal times,

Chabad’s  weekly Shabbat Minyan is friendly and perfectly-paced for a truly uplifting atmosphere.The Reading of the Torah is accompanied with lively commentary.You are invited to join our Kiddush, Shabbat meal L'chayim, cholent and Farbrengen

Minyan times:Shabbat Morning  - 10:00am-1:30 Services • 12:00 Reading of the Torah • Full Kiddush meal follows the services We gather many other times to pray with a Minyan, (Rosh Chodesh etc.)If you need to say Kaddish; please let us know in advance so we can gather a Minyan. 

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