Whether all is going well or you’re facing challenges, The Art of Parenting will equip you with insight, skill, and technique to raise self-reliant children. Drawing on three millennia of Jewish wisdom and skillfully crafted into an enthralling exposé addressing the unique situations parents face today, The Art of Parenting will ensure that you have the know-how to navigate challenges, the tools to be effective, and the confidence to know you’re doing your best to secure your child’s future.

When: Tuesdays, March 19 - April 16 | 7:30pm-9:00pm

Where: Chabad of Austin, 3500 Hyridge

Instructor: Mrs. Rochel Levertov

Cost: $89 per person, includes textbook. 

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Lesson Details

Lesson 1, Tuesday, March 19: Parent, or "Peer Ant"

Do you relate to your child as a friend, or as an influential personality whom they admire and respect? How do you instill a reverence for authority and at the same time reinforce their emotional security?

Lesson 2, Tuesday, March 26: Be Firm, or Forgiving?

If you're too forgiving, your child may lack direction. If you're too strict, they may look elsewhere for support in their time of need. In this lesson, you'll examine the pros and cons of a plethora of parenting models to find a balanced approach.

Lesson 3, Tuesday, April 2: Grant Freedom, Responsibly

You know that to raise an independent child you cannot be overprotective. But how do you protect them from acting irresponsibly? At what point must you let go and trust them to make their own choices?

Lesson 4, Tuesday, April 9: Cultivate Healthy Self-esteem

Insecure children are bullied and bully others. How do you make sure that doesn't happen to your child? And what can you do to help them uncover their unique qualities and develop a confident self-image?

Lesson 5, Tuesday, April 16: Impart a Toolkit for Life

The tools your child needs to succeed include a great education, strong values, and an identity they are proud of. What role does each parent play in providing these? And how can you help your child discover the joy in Judaism and a proud sense of Jewish identity?


Parents today are very much on their own; they receive little guidance on how to raise their children...JLI is offering a much needed resource that meets the concerns of the 21st century. 
Paul A. Flexner, Ed.D.
Instructor in Educational Psychology, Georgia State University; Co-Editor of What We NOW Know About Jewish Education

The Art of Parenting offers parents an anchor and a light in a confusing sea of information. Based on the intersection of ancient text and modern theory, it creates an appreciation of what we have always known while helping us meet the challenges of parenting today.
Dr. Betsy Dolgin Katz, Ed.D.
Adjunct Professor, Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies and Gratz College, Author of The Adult Jewish Education Handbook and Reinventing Adult Jewish Learning

Parents constantly walk a tightrope, on the one hand keeping a firm handle on their children to maintain responsible behavior and instill strong values, and at the same time encouraging freedoms that are vital for the emergence of an independent adult. The Art of Parenting provides solid footing for parents as they embark on this challenging endeavor.
Dr. Marc N. Kramer
Executive Director, RAVSAK: The Jewish Community Day School Network

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